This scripts enable you to change selected objects(with animation) to mr_Proxy objects.
And you can change some parameters of selected objects all at once.
Caution: If you wanna use property "AnimOffset", you have to apply Skin modifier or
other deformation modifier to an object, whose animation is just drived by linked hierarchy.

How to use: Just put this script to \3ds max root\ui\macroscripts\. Then, start up 3ds max,
and go to "Customize"->"Customize User Interface". You can find this script in a category "DSTRUEVISION".
Drag that to any toolbar on which you wanna put this script's button.
I recommend you to set anti-alias and other mental ray's rendering setting to lowest one, because it takes some time
to render preview bitmap of mr_Proxy object.

Scripts below are for old max(like 3ds max R3, or around that version.)

This scripts make selected lights object-reactive.
When a target object is coming near them, their light
intensity rise. And when a taget object is going far from
them, their intensity will go down.

This scripts enable you to change properties of all shag:hair effects
in environment effect. For example, you can increase viewport density
of all shag:hair effects all at once.

Bitmap Manager
This scripts enable you to manage bitmaps used in your max scene.
You can collect, or convert bitmaps. Also you can change
bitmap path to another directory.

With this script, you can stop that "missing files" caution
and do network-rendering without errors.
It creates dummy files in "Map" folder of 3ds max. So, after
they become useless(that is, you've finished rendering and dont
need that max file anymore), plz delete them all manually.

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